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90-99 MR2 SW20 ULTRA RACING UR-LA4-145 4-Point Front Lower Bar Brace


This Chassis 4 Poing Front Lower Bar Brace Fits All 1990-1999 Toyota MR2 Turbo & Non Turbo Models


Made of high quality steel, provides more strength
Extra thickness of bracket and tubes to maintain constant geometry at all times
Improve handling, stability at high speed and cornering, hence safer driving.
Minimize the weight transfer of the vehicle body, better traction during cornering.

Ultra Racing is a specialist in manufacturing aftermarket chassis braces and sway bars, improving vehicle balance, steering precision, grip levels to enhance overall driving performance. Ultra Racing is a trusted brand worldwide. Its products are certified by JIS 3101 SS 400 (Japan International Standard), JIS G 3141 SPCC SD (Japan International Standard), ASTM A 500 Grade A (American Standard) and BS 1387 (British Standard).

Front Lower Bar / Front Member Brace
Material: Solid Steel
Code: UR-LA4-145
Specification: 4 Points

Fits for Vehicle Model: Toyota MR2

- Improved Car Stability
- Improved Handling Stability
- Improved Braking Performance
- Improved Sharp Cornering
- Improved Safety & Comfort
- Reduced Understeer
- Reduced Body Roll up to 40%