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CT20b/CT26 Gasket Set


This is another set of parts that I have never posted on the Website until now because in the past i only had enough fir the swaps I do.. swaps that others do and for the MR2/Celica Shops...

These Gaskets are for

2nd Gen MR2
3rd Gen MR2

ST185 Celica
ST205 Celica


The Exhaust Manifold to Turbo Inlet Flange Gasket Is MLS(multi-layer steel)

The Turbo Exhaust to Down Gasket Is a Crush Gasket

Water Jacket Gaskets are Fel-Pro
Oil Drain Gasket is Fel- Pro

This is an excellent quality gasket kit... many over the years have sourced these from me... just like the 340lph e85 fuel pumps and 450lph e85 fuel pump... I only had enough for the swapas I do and enough for our MR2 Shops...

Because Of The OVERWHELMING SUPPORT THE MR2 COMMUNITY HAS SHOWN ME.. I ordered enough to keep stock